We offer these custom sheet metal services. Cutting – Plasma cutting up to ½ inch think, 5’ x 10’ maximum. Bending – Up to 10 ft. Punching – Up to 5 in. diameter through 1/8” smaller holes through thicker stock. Welding – MIG, TIG among other types of sheet metal welding on a variety of specialty materials T and F Sheet metal Fabrication and Machining. LOS ANGELES AEROSPACE, Defense & COMMERCIAL Sheet metal fabrication & complex MACHIne SHOP

Jul 06, 2019 · Not sure how you're going to secure the 847 . I've been under the tray, and there is sheet metal beneath. I'm thinking I'll mount an "L" bracket there, and cut a slit in the bottom of the tray for the bracket to come up through. Then there will be a long bracket (horizontal) that will accomidate two heads. RFR Metal Fabrication is a leader in the precision metal and sheet metal fabrication of custom enclosures, faceplates, racks, cable organizers, patch panels and other precision fabricated metal parts and assemblies. Contract manufacturing for many industries including electronics and aviation.