Print and download Indian Dance sheet music composed by Carolyn Miller arranged for Piano. Instrumental Solo in F Major. SKU: MN0121495 The Afro-Cuban 'Conga' (Spanish=a Congolese woman) is really a "Mixer" type dance, done by a solo or group of dancers most common in a single file line.When done as a couple, the dancers face each other and move opposite direction of one measure, then switch directions on the next measure (1,2,3,* 1,2,3,*).

We also provide you with a download or link to a playlist of all the music used in the weekly lessons. Music classes for babies, toddlers and early school-age children are enrolling now! Our Little Rockers cool kids music classes are accessible to the tri-state area which helps us to bring our music to the community and into the homes of our fans. Greatest Hits, 1870-85: Variety Music Cavalcade. The following information is listed courtesy of Vincent dePaul Lupiano (author, along with Ken Sayers, of It Was a Very Good Year, (Holbrook, MA: Bob Adams, Inc., 1994./