Anti-Corruption Wing Economic Crime Wing Counter Terrorism Wing Anti Human Trafficking and Smugling Technical Wing Interpol Electricity, Gas, Oil Anti theft Unit IPR Branch Legal Branch FIA Academy PROJECTS Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISCES) Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS) Integrated ... Cyber crime has steadily been on the rise ever since mobile banking and internet services have been adopted with such elan across the country — leading to a spurt in OTP frauds, phishing and more With increased mobile penetration, cyber crime in India increases by 88% since 2015 | Latest News- Edexlive

To check the growing cyber crime, Uttar Pradesh police has formed an 'anti-cyber crime cell' here. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police Prem Prakash said here today that this cell would act ... Cyber Fraud help. A safe and secure online environment enhances trust and confidence and contributes to a stable and productive community. Crimes such as fraud, scams, and harassment can be facilitated by using technology which brings unique challenges to old crimes. The Indian Government for the first and only time, the state’s Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC), sent a Letter of Rogatory (LR, a formal request from a court to a foreign court for assistance) to the US to get more details about the hacker.