4x12 Solar Pool Heating Panels with 2 Inch Header for replacement of Fafco & Aquatherm panels [size matches most Fafco/Aquatherm brand panels; check specifications vs existing panel to ensure exact fit - slight variations in length can usually be compensated for with connecting rubber couplings] Note: the absorber surface is flat with internal oval tubes compared to the original Fafco brand which has round tubes exposed tubes; this variation in surface may be noticeable from the ground and ... How Techno-Solis solar panels are installed and how they are constructed to ensure they are the most efficient and reliable solar panels on the market today: Techno-Solis Solar Panel Construction Here’s a glimpse at how Techno-Solis ensures that the solar pool heaters are the most efficient and reliable solar panels on the market today:

SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pumps The SunRay line of Solar Products are all designed to be off the grid systems for effectively moving water using solar power. Our engineering and manufacturing experience allows us to use the latest solar technology to create systems for today's consumer needs. Thankfully, Florida is the perfect place to utilize solar pool heaters to keep your swimming pool comfortable all year round. At Solar Source, we offer multiple solar pool heating options to customers in Florida. We’re located in Largo, FL, but we serve places such as Pinellas Park, FL, and other cities Florida-wide.