I have a lot albums including one cue sheets file and only one APE or FLAC file The problem is the album showing well on FOOBAR2000 But when adding them to Musicbee, the Chinese character become corrupted ones Each song will play well and show on the playlist well but the tags are all un-readable character

Cue sheet CSV File (.csv) Only the cue sheet. You can print it from Excel or another spreadsheet program. Google Earth (.kml) Instructions for: Garmin Edge 1000 Garmin Edge 820 Garmin Edge 520 Wahoo Elemnt & Bolt Garmin Edge 800 Garmin Edge 810 Garmin Edge 500 Garmin Edge 510 Mio Cyclo 505 Technical Theatre Portfolio ... Stage Management – Prompt scripts, cue sheets, ground plans, rehearsal ... 1.Make a list of all your theatre classes taken: