Instead of adding the text with the background element to the HTML page, can I add to the Style Sheet? For example, the header image is also the image behind the menu. If I can add the menu links in front of the image in the style sheet, when I want to change the menu, I only have to do it to the one page instead of every page. Click on the EDIT SNIPPET link in the web part body and add your CSS style rules nested inside the appropriate <style> tags. Click on Insert and your changes should take immediate effect. You can now save and publish your web page. The Script Editor web part is automatically hidden when the page is not in Edit Mode.

Stylesheets # Stylesheets. Your CSS stylesheets are used to customize the presentation of your theme. A stylesheet is also the file where information about your theme is stored. For this reason, the style.css file is required in every theme. Rather then loading the stylesheet in your header.php file, you should load it in using wp_enqueue_style.