Jan 24, 2014 - Explore lakitasilva's board "Spring steel" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Spring steel, Steel and Garden trowel. 5160 Carbon Steel - Swords of Might. 5160 carbon steel is a steel popular with forgers, it is extremely popular now and a very high-end steel It is essentially a simple spring steel with chromium added for hardness 5160 steel has good edge holding, but is known especially for its outstanding toughness (like L-6) Contact Supplier

Description. 1095 C .90-1.03 Mn .50/.50 P .04 max S .05 max AISI 1095 spring steel can be hardened and tempered and polished, edged and blued. Available in either Rc 48-51 Spring Temper or in custom-hardened and tempered condition up to Rc 62, AISI 1095 or 1075 carbon steel is a good, economical material choice where corrosion is not expected to be a problem, and where material is a ... 5160 is excellent for swordblades and it is the replacement in the car industry to 1095 which was used in leaf springs and coils. 5160 is now even used in bumpers coil springs and leafs. But it is a very complex alloy spring steel and when forging can work harden on ya due to added chromium.