May 03, 2015 · Real time clock chip RTC DS1307 is a widely used chip that provides accurate time and date information for external applications. These chips provide seconds,minutes,hours, day,month and year, it literally serves as a digital calendar. This chip only consumes less power and space , hence widely ... Which library are you using for the DS1307 (link please)? A quick glance over the datasheet and the DS1307 itself does not seem to provide a pin that changes an output pin when a certain date/time is reached. It has a square wave output that you can use to trigger an interrupt (e.g. on the falling edge) but I doubt that that is what you need. 8051 used two memory fetches. In many cases, the second fetch was a "dummy" fetch and extra clocks were wasted. Table 1 shows the speed advantage of Core8051 over the standard 8051. A speed advantage of 12 in the first column means that Core8051 performs the same instruction 12 times faster than the standard 8051. The

What efforts have you made to understand that library and the DS1307? read datasheet,read a chapter on i2c . Where, exactly, are you stuck?-on using the library to set and get time. I couldn't understand much reading that code.I'm really interested in learning this interfacing.but time is an obstacle Why LCD 4-Bit Operation? You may be Surprised why we using LCD in 4-Bit Mode and How it’s Possible? LCD in 4-Bit means we are 4 Lines of data bus instead of using 8 Line data bus. In this Method, we are Splitting Bytes of data in Nibbles. If you successfully interface Microcontroller with LCD with 4 Pins.